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Quick and Cheap lower pad cover

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I had been looking at getting a lower pad cover for my 15 x 15 heat press. I was however surprised at the cost of them (25-39$) plus what I thought was crazy shipping costs for such a lite weight item (9-12$) !!!!

I earlier had bought a teflon sheet from a company for less than $10, and it was a tad larger than my pad. I decided to buy a new teflon sheet even larger than the one I use on the top of my shirts and fix it to the bottom pad.

Works like a champ!!! I folded and used staples to hold the sheet to the base pad and can remove it very easy anytime I want and the tiny staple holes on the underside corners will never affect anything.

Anyway I wanted to offer this less expensive alternative to a $40-45 pad cover - hope someone can use the tip. :)

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Great idea Larry....thanks for sharing.
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