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Hi! I have been reading the forums and I have learned quite a bit so far. Thanks to stumbling onto here, I've learned the differences between cast/calendered vinyl and that 751 is the most professional way to go for vinyl decals.

The problem is I've never stuck one of these on my vehicle as I'm just not one for decals in general. I have some designs I'd like to create and cut for others though. So my main questions are:

1. When people say 751 is permanent, what does that entail exactly? From reading the forums here I can tell it is removable with some effort. Does it mostly require elbow grease, or does someone need extra products to help get it off?

2. It doesn't sound like it from what I have read here, but I'd just like to be sure 751 doesn't damage a vehicle in any way. I could understand having discoloration simply from sun damage over time to the rest of the vehicle, but does the decal itself cause any issue? Factory paint jobs are safe?

3. If I'm only focused on small decals (a line drawing or a few words), is 751 still the way to go or would 651 also be reasonable from a cost perspective? I know 651 tends to shrink over time, yet I'm not doing anything gigantic, just small things for the back of a car equivalent to those stick figure families and the like (altho no I'm not doing those specifically).

My main concern is knowing what I'm giving to somebody else. I want to make sure I give them any essential information they need before putting a decal on their vehicle. I certainly don't want some angry at me 2-3 years later for damaging their vehicle due to my own ignorance about vinyl.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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751 is not permanent. Depending on what you're sticking it to, it can be removed. Which is a good thing when you're putting it on vehicles/glass. It can be removed from both vehicle glass and body.

651 is fine if you will use it indoors. Even outdoors, it will last several years before it starts cracking. If your decals will be used on vehicles, or outdoors, spend the few extra bucks for 751.

Both are defacto standards for applying vinyl to vehicles. You can't do much better.
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