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Questions about materials for printing

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My apologies if there are similar threads to this.

I'll place the question after the====

Anyhow, I work in a print center. I used to do my own printing years ago on an old canon printer for shirts and my own artwork.

I obtained this job at the print center to supplement the other job of art and to make prints for conventions and such.

Thing I quickly found out? It's not that much cheaper to do it there for the amount of times I print.

So, with some methods my workplace allows me, I'll be able to obtain a Epson workforce 7110 for really cheap. I looked at it's specs and though I see some people vying for wanting the artisan, the artisan is far more expensive and for probably the fact it is has such high resolution that the human eye can't pick up.

If I'm mistaken on anything, I do not mind corrections, but as it stands and from many reviews the workforce 7110 can print at the optimal standard the human eye can see for a 13 x 19 print as is. The only difference is it may lack the color potential that some others with 6- 8 color packs might have, so I'm thinking that the workforce is a rather good buy in this, not only that the high yield cartridges for ink certainly beat the old printer I once had. Compared to the prints I was doing while I was at the print center (since I do not steal from them) it seems it'd only take approximately 35 prints for it to pay for itself and the rest is purely profit.

Now, the QUESTION time

As I am getting back into it, I wanted to up my stock by not only selling just a few of my pieces on shirts, but also allowing people to have custom shirts made by me. But in order to do this, I need to find a place where I can buy decent T-shirts in bulk that aren't too expensive... so..

Where can I buy T-shirts in bulk?
Where can I buy sleeveless shirts in bulk?
Where can I buy tank tops in bulk?

What is a good transfer paper for the quality/price to be able to get?

And if anyone knows... any other clothing articles that can be bought for transfer printing that may be bought in bulk

I've seen a few places, but I think that someone here might have some advice for that, so here's hoping.
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