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Questions about GO UNO The printing quality

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Hi, I just have purchase a GO UNO, LASER PRINTER. I have making some samples, and have notice the texture in the printing look different from the sample T shirt that I I received from CONDE, In this one the transfer image in the T shirt feel soft, but when I transfer my image to the Tshirt, look, starchy, like plastic..It happen with the IMAGE CLIP PAPER, and the Techni print 4.0
Is is the normal result o maybe Im doing something wrong??:(
Overall all have been your expererience with the GO UNO so far??:
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What paper was used for our sample?
The techniprint paper is stiff after transfer
but softens after washing. I don't think we
washed the shirts we sent you.

What did the sample shirt look like?

Which image clip did you use? Light or dark?
the paper used in the sample is the same than I'm using: Image Clip Light. I´m trying to "play" with the temperature and the time in the pressing... I have found out in the paper instruction say: 10 sec at 400 degrees... but in the video Doug say: 15 sec at 390 degrees, I used this option now and is getting better... But now I have another issue.. I washed the T shirt and the ink is pilling off.. maybe I need to fix something with the pressing set up?.. maybe press for longer
or make a second pressing?
I suggest we get Doug DeWitt involved.
Please call him on Monday.
Hi, I'm really confused, recently saw this new system and I am very interested, maybe my question is very stupid, but really how can this work?, is like any inkjet shuttle or different, only the ink is transferred? The durability of this transfer is comparable with vinyl or dtg?
: S I hope you answer me friend.
I'm new in that ....just a few months, but it is working so far... well I don't know too much about vinyl o dtg, but I assume the durability maybe is not the same, I have try some different paper, the image clip, have more durability but the colors are not too bright... I Tried the CT treem free, I liked the result printed, but after 3 wash the design just gone..

I think you can have information about how it work on Sublimation Printing, Unisub Blanks, Supplies, Inks, Video Tips and Tricks, Transfer Paper, Heat Presses, Direct to Garment they have several videos..
Thank you dear friend :) i will check this videos, thanks a lot
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