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I’ve read this forum for months before I bought my epson 7110 for sublimation and healt transfers. I also bought my silhouette cutter from reading this forum. Well after using these 3 formats I think I want to go to a Lazer printer so I can do multi color prints on dark shirts without the background, (like dark heat transfer paper has) Anyways I’m pretty clueless on these printers. I know my budget is 400.00 bucks and with that spending can I get anything larger than than letterhead paper or is that all I can expect with this price range? What is good light color and dark paper brand, also what exactly is the 2 step appear process and no weeding paper etc? Also can you give me info on foils etc? I know this is pretty jumbled, but I don’t know how else to get this info. If I forgot anything Let me know! Lol. Again I’m learning so be patient with me lol!
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I may be wrong if I'm pretty new at this myself but I don't think you can get a color laser printer for 400 bucks, in fact, I don't think you can get it for less than 4000 bucks. And I believe you're still going to have the same problem with darks unless you have the white ink for the background and from what I've seen this printers cost at least 6,000. You can probably pick up a color laser printer at Best Buy for about 400 bucks but it's not going to print any larger than regular paper size.
For dark garmins you will need a laser printer with white ink .... around 6000 !
And I don't know if the results is good ,I mean if the T-shirt have soft hand!
I was also searching for printer that I can make dark garmins and my best choice so far is a solvent ink printer!
Because I have found opaque paper super thin 50μ and use only solvent or latex ink!
I never try this paper but I think that have soft hand because is super thin !
The paper is from the company "Politape"
I also search for DTG but the price is very high and the maintenance is pain !Also o don't have so much customers for DTG production printer right now!
Last if you buy a solvent ink printer you can make also vinyl Decals (full graphics) or banners ..
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