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Questions about anti UV printer ink

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Has anyone used anti UV inks in their printers to make film positives for exposing screens? If so what brands are good, and are there cartridges or bulk ink for 1100 workforce espons

Anti-uv dye ink for Epson R270/c79/c90,Canon,Lexmark,Hp , Statioenry Trade leads, China Stationery
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You don't need "anti-uv" ink so much as you need opacity. The best films for screenprinting were from film imagesetters that offset print shops and service bureaus output for printing. The silver in the emulsion that formed the image when developed wasn't particularly UV resistant so much as it was dense. You want the maximum ink density you can achieve on the optically clearest film substrate. The anti-uv inks you refer to are likely inks designed to be fade-resistant or light-fast for prints.
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