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I wanted to ask if you can use water based inks on dark garment?
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Yes you can, very easily. You want to print a discharge underbase first similar to how you would print a plastisol under base, or you can pigment your discharge ink itself, but the second option usually requires an ink matching system if you are trying to get specific pantones.

If you do a search for 'discharge underbase' on this site you will get a lot of helpful info...
You can also print waterbase directly on dark it depends on the opacity you desire, shirt & ink color and deisred finish look. Ususallt though discharge is used on dark garments.
Opaque waterbased inks can be a nightmare with clogging and drying on the screen. Matsui has the best I've used, but they're still not perfect. Discharge is awesome, but you need a good setup for it.
Will the artwork still come out the same?

The reason why I am asking this question is because I am talking to a few suppliers and they keep telling me that they can do waterbased printing on lighy color garments, but on dark color garments they can only do discharge. I am a bit ignorant on this field, so that is why I am asking.

Now as far as discharge print: Will my art work come out the same with discharge printing. Will discharge have any effect on the way the design comes across on the shirts.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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