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Question re. hot melt adhesive film for foil application to garment

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Hey all,

I'm considering purchasing this adhesive film for use with hot foil application to garments.

Wholesale-PA hot melt adhesive film.

But, most importantly, is this the right material and will it work?

The idea is, you cut your design to the film using your cutter and heat apply this, creating the adhesive backing to apply your foil over, once foil is positioned you heat press and foil adheres as film melts.

Will it work?

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I have just used light transfer paper that has a weedable backing. Might want to give that a try first.

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But wouldn't the applicator material need to have double sided adhesion?

From what I understand this material is more generally used for patch application but can be used for the purpose of foiling.

The weedable transfer paper would need to be laser toner printed right?
I have done it with an inkjet transfer paper call Image Jet Lite II. It is the same manufacturer as the red and blue grid transfer paper that is sold by several different transfer supply distributors.

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So u print ur design to this paper, transfer the design to ur garment and then use ur foil.

Hmm seems like unnecessary waste of ink and paper though. Wouldn't this stuff be cheaper and easier overall.

Thanks for ur help though appreciate getting options covered.
I have not used this transfer paper yet,, but I am expiermenting with foil right now,,

I believe the object,,, of the transfer paper being printed and then foil overlay, is having ink behind it,,
foil is thin,, foil will crack and fail over time, when you have ink under it, the shirt will still look great.

If you do just the adheasive when it cracks,, there will be no image under it,, to conceal and let the shirt still look good,

Usually foils are applied over screenprinting,, plastisol prints,, which it adheres too.

I will try the ink jet paper and see how it works ,, here are some pics of screened adheasive and then foil over the cured adheasive,,


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They look good sandy jo, I didn't think about cracking hmmm. I have t-shirts and trakies from Nike and New Era which have heavy foiling, I noticed that after about 5 washes the foil started cracking and fading so I think its inevitable but obviously you want to delay this as much as possible. I may get a small sample of the adhesive film just to test usability and washability.

If you could post you're test results that would be fab, i'll do the same and hopefully get some more insight from other users.

sounds great,, i love this effect,, I just got back from Vegas, and this is everywhere,,

keep on foiling,, lol:)
Let me show you the ways :
EVA is used for the adhesion of pp , pet ,metals, aluminum panal materials.
PO is used for the Melt decals, decorative fabric, aluminum beads' adhesion.
PES is used for the Fabric composite washable, dry clothing, leather shoes, industrial chain.
PU is used for underware ,fabric.
PA is used for the Washable, cleaning and high-grade suit and industrial material.
So which one is more suitable for you ?
Pls advise more details ,then we could go on further discussion .
I hope to get news from you soon .
With many thanks
Would the PO be right for this purpose? I've never come across these before!
I tried this with light transfer paper (TTC 3.1 from MagicTouch).

I'm not sure why or how, but it's not come out properly. The area with toner has covered well but there's lots of residue too... any ideas what went wrong?

There's also been some adv with the company in China i'm speaking to, they are sending me some samples to test.

The material is a 2 layer adhesive film. Communication between us is slightly confusing but it seems the 2nd layer is a double sided heat activated adhesive and the 1st layer is a carrier.

They also confirmed it is the same material that is used in embroidery as the bonding agent when applying pre-made badges, works with both woven and non-woven materials that include leather etc.

The only set back is the MOQ, the material size is 60cm x 91m x 1mm (pretty much the size of a standard vinyl roll for wide format cutters). They require a minimum 300 rolls.

I'm unsure of the exact price per roll but it would look to be somewhere around £25, not bad at all considering it's 91 metres! equivilant to £0.04p per square metre cost.

Would anyone in the UK be interested in this product?


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I have done it with an inkjet transfer paper call Image Jet Lite II. It is the same manufacturer as the red and blue grid transfer paper that is sold by several different transfer supply distributors.


Using the Image Jet Lite/red grid paper...
Do you print & cut the image, press and then foil?
Or just cut the image(no ink involved), press and then press foil?

Here is a video of a hot melt adhesive film from a company in Canada.

It looks really cool.
I wonder if it really works?
The stuff I had samples of was similar to cut vinyl, except it was adhesive. You cut it on the cutter, weeded it and then pressed it for a short time, then applied the foil and pressed. Great idea in theory, didn t work all that well for me. I went back to my plastisol adhesive and regular foil,
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Here is what I have learned

When i screen foil adheasive to a garment i am screening a plastisol adheasive.

ok So most premade transers from Like Ed at Pro World sell plastisol transfers,,, right

ok so why cant i take a simple plastisol transfer press it, and then apply foil and press,,,,

guess what you can,,,,,,, woohoooooo
It works like a dream,, anywhere the transfer is on your garment or bag,, will get foiled if you set the foil over,,,

so if you dont want a full foiled look cut up pieces where you do want it,, and put it on the shirt,,

try it,,,
here are some pics,,

most of us screen printers print under the foils, as the foil will peel over a period of time,,,
but if you have print or something under it ,, it looks almost vintage,,,

Do not put foil products in a hot dryer, the color will turn,,,,


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Here is a plastisol print i pressed and then foiled,,


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I purchase my foil and adheasive from ryonet,, one of the sponsers here
Sandy jo
Looks cool.
I had never thought of foiling over plas-transfers.
Thanks for the info.

What I would like to try is some of the "cut-able" hot melt adhesive paper...like in the video above.
So I can create my own images and cut them easily on my cutter.
(It looks cool and I would like to see if it will work)
I just found this.

I will try Joto's Paropy CL Trimfree + foil.
I just found this.

I will try Joto's Paropy CL Trimfree + foil.
How was the Paropy and foil? Please post your review & pictures!
Bacon, I saw in another thread where you've had a loss in your family. I'm sorry for your loss....

Have you had a chance to try Joto's paper or the stuff from the video you found? I'm dying to hear your review and see pictures!!
Bacon, I saw in another thread where you've had a loss in your family. I'm sorry for your loss....
Then I am sure you know why I will not post a review at the moment.
I will after the holidays - Christmas & new years.

MRS. Bacon
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