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My question is regarding repeat customers. If you know that over the course of the year they will be placing several orders but their first order is 36 shirts, a month later they need 24 etc...What do you base your prices on? I would rather keep the price the same every time for them but how do I figure that price out?
ex...I don't want to charge $12 a tshirt now bc he is ordering 36 and then $8 when he orders 50 and $9 when he orders 42

Thank you!

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The best way to deal with a customer like that is to create a price list for them.

Have a price list for the designs you are doing for them with 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and 100 shirts.
They will look at the prices and see if they get all 100 at one time, they will save a lot of money, so you might get a nice order to do at once.
But if they continue to order small numbers, they have the price list to work from.

No surprises for them or you.
You can stick with that price list, and if they order only 24, you make more per shirt.
Don't worry about the 24 shirts being way higher priced, they need to make a business decision whether to order less, and pay more per shirt, or stock shirts when they make a larger order.
Do good work and you could keep them for a long time.
Good Luck.
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