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Question on buying equipment

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I am new to screen printing and had some questions on equipment I see for sale. There is an auction by my house for a rotating manual 4 tee press, a caps conveyor dryer, lawson expo-lite exposure unit, and about 30 screens.

What would be a reasonable price to this auction for, and could I run this in a basement of home? Also, besides a printer, the inks, chemicals and tshirts would I need anything else to get started?

Any feedback would help, Thanks.
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without knowing what type of press, conveyor, exact exposure, etc it would be very difficult to put a price on everything.
Can you get any more information? that could prove helpful.
You say a 4 tee press. So 4 station how many color? Lawson expo lite depending on year and if vacuum is in working order. How many feet is dryer. Screens wood,aluminum, or roller.

If its an auction or Craigslist and you don't want everyone to see pm me. I have no interest in buying any of that equipment.
the stuff is only worth what the auction price is. i have been to them and got great deals and have been to some that people have paid retail prices for stuff. i would price out all the stuff new and work from there. if the stuff is in good shape the better your at. if some stuff is junk and some good that would make it a little different. some people won't buy stuff if one thing is junk (even though the rest is good). you have to know your prices before you go and only spend what you think it's worth and let it go if it goes too high. there are plenty of used presses out there also.
All, I apologize can you resend your private message to me I didn't know 5 messages was my limit. Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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