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I had acquired a heat press a couple of years ago because I wanted to try to make my own t-shirts for my walk team (a walk for Autism Speaks). I started having fun with it and have been making shirts for my family and friends as gifts. I started attending a wiccan class and one day came in wearing a shirt I had made with a wiccan image on it and the instructor told me that if I wanted to I could sell some of my shirts in her shop as long as they were wiccan related. I am not an artist nor do I know the first thing about printshop, etc. I have just been finding images on the computer and printing them out on transfer paper and pressing them on the t-shirts. Is there a site that I can go to to find images that I could use on shirts that I plan to sell? I am assuming I cant just do like i have been for my personal shirts and just print off any image I find.
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