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Question about Thermal Printing T-shirt Pricing

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Question for you folks. With this economy I have been seeing many printers locally dropping prices of screen printing. I do both screen printing and vinyl printing (thermal printing) for about 3 years going on 4 now. I still have not really have set prices on thermal printing just yet. I cut the vinyl myself with a ROLAND GX-24 and jobs are so different that its hard to charge by the foot of material beeing used because of complexity of logo and weeding.

I normally do thermal printing using eco film on short runs (small jobs) as it is easier than making screens and clean up and most of the time more cost effective for the client...

My question is this. I have a client that wants a two color logo on front of the shirt red and black and measures about 7'Hx6.25"W. Its pretty simple logo and wont take more than a few minutes per logo to weed. They also want a 6" number on back.

I was going to quote my client $15 per shirt plus tax at 9.1%.

What are your thoughts on pricing? Sometimes I think I am under pricing vinyl printing and sometimes I feel like I am over pricing. My goal is to get as much as repeat business and be competitive in the market especially with internet t-shirt companies and locally.

Any help from experienced thermal printers would be much appreciated.

In case you may ask I will be using about 4ft of black eco film and about 7-8ft of red eco film estimated depending on if most of the team is single digit numbers and shirts I am getting at a little under $2 for white shirts.

Other otion I was going to charge is
$2 for shirt
$5 for black logo
$5 for red logo
(both red and black logo measure about the same in H and W)
$3 per # double digits $6

But then this way of charging adds up to be more......this is where I am stuck....

Please help

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