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question about the classifieds section

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To be able to post a 'WANT TO BUY' ad we still need 15 posts? And does replying to posts count? Or do we need to start our own threads to count toward the 15?

I need an item that isn't sold by conde anymore and am kind of desperate to find someone who might be willing to sell a used one (or a few).
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Replies count toward total posts.
They haven't been showing up under my user name when I post - it just keeps saying 5. Although I don't think I've started 5 threads either. Maybe it takes a while after posting before the post count goes up?
ok, that time it went up to 6, maybe it depends upon the forum you post in, maybe some don't count. And I swear I didn't add this one just to get my post count up.
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To be able to post a 'WANT TO BUY' ad we still need 15 posts?
Yes, we're not really setup to be a marketplace, so we have the 15 post limit to help avoid scams and spam and people who sign up just to sell something (or try to take advantage of members). Our classifieds are there for our active community members to be able to sell equipment or supplies they no longer need.

The limit helps sellers and buyers get to know each other better by looking at their past post history, so it's not a good idea to try to post 15 quick/short threads or replies just to get your post count up. Those type of posts may get deleted as they just clutter the forum :)

If you need to buy (or sell) something quickly, it's best to look at true marketplaces like eBay or craigslist to see what people have listed for sale.
I tried ebay, but didn't find any. I've asked Conde, because it is something they used to sell and may know someone who may want to sell theirs since they no longer sell the thing you use with them. Haven't heard back from them yet.

The thing is, I'm expecting to have someone order quite a few of these from me so I really need the other thing quickly.
Ok, so what is your count up to? I don't know about anyone else but I'm dying to know what the "thing" is!
I think my count is high enough now! I'll try posting!
Tried but still couldn't post. Maybe its a manual thing to be approved once you get 15 posts.
Any update?

Want to make sure you are able to post, and that the system is working.
Yes, I was able to post the ad last night. Thanks

Royce - its not a blank I'm looking for, wraps for the latte mugs. Conde told me they don't sell them anymore and I've had quite a few people interested.
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