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First question is about registering a name for business. Today i went to the county's clerk office to register a name for my business (fictitious name) and discovered that it will only cover the county I register in. So now my question is, where do I go to register a name so that it will cover all the states?
You should be able to register your business with your state, not just the county. This will protect your business name within your state and will allow you to conduct business anywhere you want.

The only way to cover all the states is to register your business in each individual state. This is obviously expensive and unnecessary. You don't need to do this unless you are operating in all states and have serious liability concerns in each state.

Also, where would I go to trademark my logo and etc.
If you want to file the application yourself, you can go to USPTO.gov.

Or you can use a legal service like LegalZoom or you can contact a local trademark attorney.

Also in order to start up a business (online shop for now) do I have to go somewhere to get an approval for my business and rights to sell online? Is there anything else I need to get in order to start up my business?
You should only need to register your business and get a Federal Tax ID number. Normally, you would also need some type of sellers permit or resale license. But if you're only selling online, you may not need it. Check with your state to be sure.
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