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Question About Shipping

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Im wondering if when ordering from CP, I could have the different orders sent to different addresses?
Im asking because I work away for 6 weeks, then am home for 6 weeks. While I am home I would like to take care of the shipping myself. While at work I would let CP ship it. But I would prefer to take the orders on my site, then replace them on CP to get them shipped out...
If not CP, any other companies that could handle this?
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handle this meaning they make the shirts and ship them to whatever address you want ?

yes, a lot of companies do this.
Not sure about CP or Spreadshirt etc... but if you make the shirts directly with a manufacturer.... i think they will ship directly to you or your clients with blank prices on the packing slips etc....
Yes, cafepress can ship to a different address. You would just use the "gift" option and they will blank out the prices and ship to whoever you want.
This has been the only thing ive been hesitant on.
The reason Id like to do it this way is that I work out of the country for 6weeks on, then get 6 weeks off.
So when im home I could take care of the shipping myself, thereby getting a bigger slice. When im at work, I can still run the shop, just have CP take care of the rest!
Plus im in Canada, so this way orders from canada wont have to pay duty from the US.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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