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question about screen printing

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if i took a design to a screenprinter similar to this t-shirt with the exact amount of colors. how many colors would the screenprinter charge me. is this a 3,4,5 color print. the t-shirts will black and white.


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On a black shirt you may have 1. Underbase. 2. 2nd white. 3. Red. Maybe Black as a 4th color.
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I will do it with 5 colors. 1. Underbase white, 2. Red, 3. Black, 4. Grey, 5. Highlight White. :)
you could get away with 4 colors.... 1.white underbase 2, red 3. grey 4. highlight white
but as jsf has already said 5 colors will give you more detail.

5 colors - lt grey, dk grey, base white, snap white, red
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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