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This is a very interesting discussion considering my husband and I are just starting our own little EBAY business. We have not yet printed our first set of shirts yet, but here is my question/s. If two people have the same great idea, how will I know if I am taking someone else's idea? I don't think any of our ideas are protected but I really don't know. Also, I understand you can use actual pictures of gov officials. Is this true? what about other people in the public eye. What about products but changed a little bit? This issue of protection and what is protected, is a complicated one. We don't want to get sued nor do we want to be shut down in our first week. How can I make sense of it all in a painless way??? Lastly, what about sayings you hear on T.v. or movies or songs? For example if I make a tee that says, "you are fired!" would it be protected? Any help to understand this complicated issue would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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