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question about merchant account / payment gateway

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hi guys for those of you who have a website and sell shirts or products, i have a question im a lil confused.

ok i have my website with godaddy and im not sure if i should get the merchant account with them, and then getting the payment gateway with someone else.


just getting the merchant account AND payment gateway with my bank?

Please any help will be good, what one should i do? thx
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What's the cost difference? Unless it's significant, I would keep both with the same provider. Then if you have issues, there is just one number to call instead of two.
The cost diff is Godaddy / authorize.net ( The payment gateway ) is around $20 dollars more a month, but the SETUP FEE is cheaper by like 60 dollars, but the monthly fee is more important in the long run. prob because dealing with 2 diff company's etc...

so keeping both with the same provider prob easier? yeah kk thanks for the info splat!

any other advice will be appreciated.
The advantage of having it set up through your bank is that you can walk in and visit them in person.

Both options are good, just choose whatever is best for you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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