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Hi - I just bought my first pack of JPSS and have been playing around with it a little and came across this image. Does anyone know what type of glitter material this would be? I have some watercolor images that I would like to do a similar design with on JPSS but I didn't know until seeing this that it may be possible to adhere it to glitter. I always thought the glitter would have to go on top.

Will JPSS adhere to glitter vinyl and vice versa?

Thank you!


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off the top of my head i would say no
but i have seen people stick jpss onto many non-porous substrates
but these have usually been non-wash/dry applications

i would run some tests on a new tee (the ones you normally sell),
and do one on top and then do one that is a cut-out of the jpss then vinyl butts up to it
see if you like the looks and the washability

they don't have to be full size for testing (smaller is actually better for testing, as the details get thinner/pointier)

keep us apprised of your results
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