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question about grayscale,halftone,bitmap

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was this done in halftones, if not can it be done in halftones in good detail like this. also i like this t-shirt neckline on this grey shirt. what brands and wholesalers sell blank t-shirts like this and what style is it call,thanks


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I cant really see from the pictures that you have there. Can you get a photo that is closer in for me to tell for certain?

From what I can see so far, it looks like spot color, but it can be done with halftones pretty decently. Though if you are putting it on a gray shirt like that, you will still need the under-base to do it properly. You will have to use higher mesh screen which cost more in order to get any quality out of it though.

For the best quality and if you are using that image specifically, I would do it as 2 spot on the white under-base. The black and light gray are pretty easy to pull out and it isn't that much more to do if you print it yourself (or cost much more if you sub it out). You will be happier with the final product.

I hope that helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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