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question about embroidery

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looking for companys that can do relabeing and embroidery.have 100 tees and want to get them relabel with woven tags and get my logo embroidery on the sleeves. went to 1 embroidery today he wanted to charge me 2.50 a shirt for both woven labels and logo on sleeve.he had about 1000 sample on his wall, pass work he did. which was good someone told me about him thats why i went. but 2.50 a tee is that fair are do i need to keep searching. my reads similar to (MY CLOTHING LINE 2010
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100 is quite a small number for woven labels and embroidery so I would say that is a very good price. Even if you are providing the labels it is still a good price. In this case I would say the quality is much more important than price as it will be a reflection of you.
It is a decent price for what you are asking them to do.
Let's see, hoop the shirt, embroider the shirt,remove backing and clip threads, sew the label on, fold and rebox the shirt. What part of $2.50 do you think is pure profit.At some point the consumer needs to realize that if we keep getting beat down on the prices we charge we won't be here the next time you want something custom done. $2.50 is more than fair!
With all respect but your name "moneymadness" says it all.

$2.50 ???? Why are you the only one who want to urn some bucks. In my opinion you have to eat but the producer has to eat also. I believe the producer has to eat more because he/she has the labour.

I would say to you "goodbye and don't come back, your business doesnt bring business"
three cheers to scarface1899 and myfinishingtouch. i'm glad i'm not the only one that speaks his mind
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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