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Question about Discharge Inks

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So I've recently gotten into screen printing water based inks in my garage as a hobby, & I'm looking to further my knowledge and get into discharge inks for darker shirts.

The permaset water based supercover works well enough on dark shirts, but i just want to experiment with something that hopefully works a little bit better.

I've done a fair amount of research on the subject & i know it's not advisable to do it at home. My setup's in my garage which is fairly well ventilated & i do everything with the side door & garage door open, so it's pretty breezy.

I plan on buying, CCI D-White Pure White Discharge Ink & the activator.

I plan on curing the shirts in the backyard with a heat gun. Most likely wearing a respirator and googles that are sealed to my face. Is that going to be overkill protection wise? Little nervous about the hazardous fumes, the product says it's Low Odor. I would assume that means the fumes are still there, they just don't smell.

Can i use the same cleaners i use for water based ink on the discharge? Any difference in clean up? I've been using EnviroSolv Water Based Ink Cleaner.

Any other concerns i should be aware of.

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