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Question about Delta Apparel

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Hi Everyone,

Someone was saying that the Quail tee for women in Delta's Apparel line is a good tee. "Good" meaning they run true to size. I'm trying so hard to find a blank tee that has true sizing.

I mean I don't want a woman who is a medium having to buy an XL to feel comfortable.

So I'm hoping to find a great blank tee where a woman who is a medium in the "real" world will also be a medium in the blank tee world.

Thanks, Alicia
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Hanes has a "Silver For Her" line that is pretty "true" sizing.
I herd Delta Shirts unisex and girly do not hold up. We are looking To move toward the Delta brand because of there great price. does any one have any info on these?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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