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So i've been researching possible ways to incorporate a DIY WIMS system into refillable CISS cartridges for an Epson R1900 and have become extremely confused on one aspect. Lets say my setup consists of the following components in order.
1. White Ink Tank w/mixer --> Pump --> One Way White Ink Splitter Manifold w/ 4 lines going into 4 cis cartridges containing white ink --> (Now here comes my confusion)
Theres also an outlet on the opposite end of the manifold that is supposed to go back into the White Ink Tank.
But how is the ink supposed to actually circulate of the pump is pushing ink directly into each cartridge with no outlet back into the manifold?

Heres a crude diagram of what i'm trying to describe. Most WIMS have a similar setup like this with one inlet per cartridge or damper but no outlets. Wouldn't the pressure being sent to the ink the cartridges be to great and cause them to leak out of the air holes build in? If anyone can explain this id be super grateful
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