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Quality wholesaler and printer in UK

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I am looking for a quality wholesaler preferably in the UK which is where I am based. Ideally, someone who can supply quality t-shirts and quality print.

I have looked around already and so far I have found:

Has anybody got any experience with these guys?


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Re: Quality wholesaler in UK

I have been to see Paul at October and their quality looked very good and he was also very helpful. I was about to have my tees printed there, when I have problems with my trademark. If you are anywhere near Nottingham they are well worth a visit
Re: Quality wholesaler in UK

Hey there Paul, I'd reckon a plain t-shirt from a wholesaler in the UK could be from £1.50 for a single t. It depends on quanity, again printing would also depend on quantity. Maybe you could find a small printing shop that would run off a few. It depends what kind of print you would want as well and the size of the design. I know a shop where I'm based that does small runs for you but it does seem to be a little costly. They operate as a small retail outlet but have their own press/printer on site. Are you looking for business or personal use? Remember that orders for printing and ordering measure in hundreds for small batches. Doesnt mean you cant find places that will print off a handful of t-shirts but you may find the cost prohibitive.

Good luck anyway.

I think Paul from October is a member of these forums:
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