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I am starting a t shirt line and I'm going down the route of doing it all by heat press/heat transfers and printing them myself. I want my shirts to have images of quality… With that being said what type of printer do you recommend I buy that prints out heat transfers awesomely. I don't want any of those lines to appear on the t shirt when pressed onto the shirt… and I want the colors to be bright and the product of shirt to look GREAT and not cheap. What type of printer do you all recommend I buy??? And what type of heat press/transfer paper to be able to make t shirts to sell???
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I'm not certain what you mean by "lines on the t-shirt" but many, including myself, use Epson printers. Ironall or JPSS paper.
Printers have come a long way quality-wise over the last 15 or so years, and I've found that even the lowest priced printers are capable of producing bright, crisp, even prints. I do my my heat transfers on an HP that I bought for about $75 and I've been very pleased with the print quality.

Best paper I've tried so far is JetPro Sofstretch. Some of the others have a chalky finish that can flake off and leave white specks permanently on the print. If you get the chalky type, you must handle it very carefully so it doesn't flake, and get in the habit of lightly brushing it off before you transfer.

The JetPro is much easier to handle and more friendly to the printer.
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