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quality of pigment ink

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hey guys i wanted to ask you that i am starting a tshirt business and i am thinking on buying epson t50 printer. I am a bit confused about the ink and transfer paper i should use to print on 100% cotton tshirt.. .
i have heard that pigment ink is the best .. .can anyone tell me about its quality like for how many washes can it survive??

hope you guys will help me with your best possible knowledge.
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Transfers should only be done with pigment ink for that exact reason. Others will bleed or fade badly. Excellent washability. Recommend ironall or jpss, tho jpss is only for light colored shirts. If you're doing dark shirts, be sure you get paper for dark colors. Dark paper requires special laundering for optimum life. Wash in cold water, inside out, only low heat dryer.
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thanks skinbus your answer is realy helpful for me. . .
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