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Hey Franz,

My best advice for you would be to just open a shop at spreadshirt and open a shop at cafepress, upload your graphic, order a couple of shirts and test it for yourself. Since it's free to setup a shop, I think that's the best way you are going to get a test for quality and see which meets the standards you have for your designs.

Technology wise, they are probably pretty equal. I haven't tested spreadshirt's digital printing (I have a few of the flock/flex printed designs), but I've seen tons of cafepress printed t-shirts. I think they look good for a digital print, but it's sort of a matter of opinion thing. Some people don't have favorable views of either printing service.

As you know, cafepress is now doing direct t-shirt printing along with heat press, so they may be able to give you more options (some people prefer the direct print while others prefer the heat press).

From the sound of it, I think it would be worth your peace of mind to just spend $50 bucks or so buying a few shirts and see which you prefer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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