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QCM Platinum not curing....

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I am printing the QCM Platinum on some jerseys and it won't cure! I got it almost up to 350 degrees and I am still able to wipe away some of the ink onto my finger... On the up-side this ink is extremely opaque and I don't even need to flash it! Still having a lot of trouble with it though... Anybody have any similar issues? I sent it through 3 times and it still wipes off... Anybody have some good stress management tips for a screen printing shop owner?! :confused:
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Called my supplier this morning. He thinks my dryer is too short for that ink... Wish I had known that before I bought it!!! :mad: But I am going to try to cure it for longer under the flash, then send it through the dryer...
try simply slowing your belt speed.sometimes its not just temp.its also the amount of time it has under the heat.also you may need an athletic style ink for good adhesion on jerseys.good luck!
it has a different base ,try the union path series 1000 series, it works great.
I ended up just throwing them on the heat press for a little while after I ran them through the dryer. I they seemed fully cured after that, so hopefully they hold up!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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