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Sup all,

Well as the title says, I am interested in buying this font ITCAvant Garde Std-Demi (http://www.myfonts.com/PurchaseOptions?id[]=1383).

So if I were to purchase it, do I have to pay any royalty fee's or what not if I used the font on my shirts? Or will I have to get special permission?

I bought the font, so can't I use it for printing on shirts or no?


Also, this font only comes in OTF... so will I be able to place the font into Illustrator for both Mac & Windows? Reason asking is because I have a macbook with Illustrator on it and I am also running bootcamp with Illustrator installed on that also.

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All fonts are tied to a standard license. This is the license agreement, written by the foundry that makes the font, which you accept on the Accept License page on the Checkout page, just before you pay for the font. Here is the licensing agreement for your particular font: Adobe Standard License Agreement : MyFonts

Open type is the most versatile: OpenType. offers the widest compatibility across platforms, and in some fonts offers really excellent extra features like automatic ligatures, alternate characters, small caps, etc, all in one font file. Not yet available for some fonts.

Finally, this is just a generic font, there are probably hundreds of comparable fonts you could have gotten as freeware of the net. Next time you should check out sites like dafont.com before you go and buy a font.
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