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I am new in this field but am optimistic that this is the right place for me. I already have people wanting to order my designs, as I have done a few by hand and they love them and have other suggestions too. But the mugs done by hand are not as good of a quality as I want my products to be. Hence I am delving into the mug printing world and have purchased a TransPro Mug Heat Press which is due to arrive on Tuesday next week. I am having a challenging time trying to decide the best printer and other materials to purchase and am hoping for some advice.

I am looking at purchasing either the Ricoh e3300 sublimation printer or the Epson C88. Which one is better?

Also, what brand of paper is the best for this process? Can anyone recommend suppliers of mugs that are top quality and not too expensive? What else should I have on hand?

Thank you for any advice you may offer.
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