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Purchase help vectors

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im looking to purchase some vector collections of the family for the back of cars as much as i despise these i get asked more and more for them every day and i have some that came with a collection i bought they seem like crap to me i dont like them at all can some one point me in the right direction i found some on ebay a while back that was perfect but i dont remember what i searched and well i lost um there are some offered on line but they all seem way to detailed for me but any help will be great also i see a local compediter of mine with some such as Simpson family guy family's is this out there for sale or was this his personal design also he had some awesome stuff for family's i have never seen the guy told me he designs every single one of his designs by hand but thats a lie he has so many licensed things just off google probably so can any one help with this
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Periods are your friend. :)

Window clings are usually done with a cutter. Do you have one?

Doubt Simpson's licenses their images as vector graphics that allow you to create at will.

Tons of vector sites and images out there. Other than Simpsons, tell us exactly what type of art you are looking for and we'll try to steer you in that direction.
im looking for stick figure vectors for familys on back of cards
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