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For most well water or water pressure boosting systems, a pump pressure control switch, usually found close to the water pressure tank, senses the water pressure and when necessary, turns the water pump on.
The water pump pressure control switch either turns on the water pump directly, or (particularly when a submersible water pump is in use), this switch may operate a physically separate (usually wall-mounted) heavier-duty pump relay which turns on the water pump itself.
If water pressure shown on the water pressure gauge falls below the pressure switch CUT-IN pressure and the pump won't turn ON there could be several causes and fixes

Confirm that the pump electrical power is on
If you have not already done so, you should determine that you have electrical power at the pump. Be sure that the pump electriucal power switch is in the ON position.

Watch out: it is possible to use a DMM or VOM or a simple voltage tester to confirm that electrical power is being delivered to the pump relay or control switch.
But if you are not trained in basic electrical work and testing you could be shocked or killed - it's best to leave that step to a licensed electrician.
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