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Just wondering if anyone here has experience screen printing puff paint/ink, could lead me the direction of a good brand/dealer?

Thank you
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Not real sure about the screen printing side of things, but I know that Air Waves makes Puff Transfers. Not sure if they're all stock designs or if you can email them your artwork, but it would be worth a call assuming that you have a heat press.
Thank you!
Was just wondering if anyone had screen printed here and could tell me which brands worked out well... i will check out air waves as well!

Hi there
Rutland, union or wilflex all make very good puff additives.
Just ask your local supplier they should be able to help.
Wilflex is very good.
Use an additive from the manufacturer of your inks. I bleieve the normal ratio is about 10-15%. Print with a 110 - 156 mesh and watch it puff at the end of the dryer.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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