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PS CS5 Shirt Templates & Different Colours

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Hey guys,

Hopefully I'm not recycling an old question here but I struggled to find any previous threads covering what I'm looking for.

I've got some great American Apparel shirt templates - grabbed off of here actually from a helpful member - but the colour range is strictly white, yellow, and black.

I'm using CS5 right now but I'm amateurish at best with PS. The only way I've figured out of applying a new colour to the template is to create a new layer, fill it with whatever colour I want, reduce the opacity so I can see the shirt on the layer below, then begin erasing around the shirt & leaving only the new "changed" look.

The problem is it's incredibly time consuming & if I need to do multiple colour variations for a single design, I don't want to be sitting there with the magic wand & eraser all night. Does anyone know of an easier & quicker way of getting the same result?

I realize it's an extensive question so I'd be willing to explain further exactly what it is I'm trying to do. Thanks dudes!
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