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I am just starting out and the only thing I am sure of so far is my method, heat press. When it comes to prints I am getting thrown for a loop a bit, there for seeking help.

My understanding is that with dye subs I cannot print on white, use white images, or cotton. So my first question is what are the pros & cons of this, poly to cotton in bulk, price wise?

I am wanting to add pictures and colorful graphics to my shirts, not just simple two color designs. My understanding is I can do this with dye subs, but can screen printing be used as well, and price wise what are the pros and cons?

I know dye subs can be used to also do plates, mugs, glass, etc, but I wanted to also know if this can be done with screen printing.

After I have this info down I will begin to go full steam ahead.
Thanks for any help in advance.
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