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proper ink for transparencies

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I just bought a used Epson Stylus color 3000 and I have yet to give it a test run as all of the ink cartridges are dried up. From a bit of reading I understand that this can be a fickle printer. Is there anyone who might be kind enough to take the time and give me a few "warnings" of WHAT NOT TO DO??? I have already removed the ink cartridges not knowing that this may cause a problem - am I right to think that I have already made a mistake? I am unused to this printer and would prefer that it did not break by my own hands - atleast before getting use out of it. Also I am having trouble determining what kind of ink should be used for transparencies. The printer came with 4 color sublimation ink, but I know this shouldn't be right for what I need it to do. Will someone either post a link or give me a specific way to find or even ask for the right ink??

Thanks for all of the help in advance!
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