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Been doing this 20 years and I'm looking for a change in our shop management....specifically wondering if you could fill me in on how you are handling your long list of orders. Do you mark orders and schedule based on when they came in? or do you fil your production schedule around when they are due? Or maybe are you placing them on specific days and telling customers a specific date up front. I'm just curious to share how you all are managing the production rotation basically. We have been using a book and each order as it comes in goes to the back of the book. Problem is that we tend to flip through the book to find something that we can "fit into" that day or hour left of work, or "an easy run", which in turn is possibly placing a customer behind one that came in on the 5th and they came in on the 9th. I just need to hear how you do it and why it works for you.
I notice when we order a special order from a vendor (like promotional products), they always say up front...."your order will ship on the 10th". We tend to be more vague with that with the customer and I'd like to get scheduled better so we can be specific to the date. Share your expertise for me! No better time to implement something new for us than january 1. haha
thank you in advance.
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