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Product not up to scratch...what now?

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I am currently in a problem situation after ordering hoodies from a manufacturer in Turkey (I'm based in England) that were not done to the required quality.

The company was found through alibaba. I have found good suppliers through that service before so thought to go through it again.

After receiving them we noticed a few minor issues and one big one in that the material began bobbling on the first day.

There was also no material information label (they were present on the sample hoodie I requested before the job) which meant I can't even legally sell them aside from the quality issue.

I got back to them immediatly to explained the situation and they agreed to redo the job...or so I thought.

A few weeks on and I have not heard back from them despite a number of emails and attempted phone calls.

Though I have tried to give them benefit of the doubt, it looks like they have decided to ignore me and have no intention of re doing the job.

To top it off, they still have not returned my own hoodie that I sent to them as a reference.

The big problem is that I have paid for the work after relying on photographic evidence (rookie mistake), but I wondered if anyone has had any similar experience and know the best way to proceed in this situation?

I have evidence that the work was not done to good quality or to the specification I provided and emails showing that they agreed to redo the work.

I'm about to spend the next week looking into it and will start with opening a dispute on the alibaba website. But if anyone has any advice I'm open to hearing it - this is all new ground for me.

Thanks in advance.
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If you paid by credit card simply dispute the charge and instantly the money will be refunded to your card while the dispute is processed. Seldom does a consumer lose a dispute as your credit card company wants to keep you as a customer.

If you did not pay by credit card - lesoned learned.
I guess it's lesson fully learned then! big mistake I will not be repeating any time soon.
When we have that problem, the vendor usually agrees to a discounted price for us.
They never want to take them back.
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