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Just received the Procut C630

First of all the stand is a pain to put together.
I will keep you on all the details.

1. The screws easily strip.
2. Two screw holes were properly not aligned.
3. The manual does not show the how to set up the stand, it is very vague.

The stand comes with 8 medium size black screws and nuts. They go with the side bar.
There are 8 more black screws with nuts which are a little big longer and they are screw in from the bottom of the floor leg to support the side bars.
There are 2 smaller black screws no nut and they screw in from the outside to hold the two bases in which the cutter will sit.

Now there are four flat head screws and they go in the inner set of holes in which the cutter will sit.
The last four screws will coming in from the bottom of the cutter support and screw to the cutter itself.
Please put some kind of protection on the top corners of the stand, because they pretrude the unit and are very dangeorous pointy.

When Installing the basket, the velcro goes around the center bar of the stand.

8.13.08 I just emailed tech support, because on the back of the unit the power source is listed 220v/110v. The power cord is three prong grounded

8.14.08 10:50L No answer from cutterpros, Just called and left them a voice mail message.
8.14.08 01:45L Tech Support just got back with me and confirmed the unit is a 110V. Not bad on the call back time,

Now I am off to set up Knife.

Knife set up was properly described in manual and there were no hung ups.

Software, On the SAI Cd there is a program called SENTINEL and it seems it is taking control of my computer system.
I did Uninstalled it, but no good results.
Let me research this SENTINEL KEY program a little more.

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On this model, I would suggest setting the blade depth so it barely sticks out of the blade holder, and a pressure of 80-150 should be good for most vinyl, t-shirt or self-adhesive.
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