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Has anybody ever used proclub shirts before? I am going for a more urban wear look for my shirts and need something that’s more loose fitting than the AA, Haynes, or Gildan, but I still need a high quality shirt. They have some “heavyweight” shirts that are 100% cotton and 6.1 oz. I’m just wondering what their quality is like, and how durable they are. If anybody has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.

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I suggest using Search Engine here. I posted information about ProClub a while back. Maybe things have changed, but the minimum was $300.00.

Yes, you can buy them in Los Angeles garment district...Main Street being one of the areas. Don't know if there are minimums. Lots of places as re-sellers.

In fact, my corner market in Altadena carries White, Black and Ash 3 for $10.00.

I don't do designs for Urban...but had to know the what the buzz was about "ProClub" :)

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