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Problems with Xpress easy flex

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Any suggestions on what might be the problem, I've just pressed a FOTL 65 Poly 35 Cotton Polo shirt using easy flex at the recommended setting 150 for 10 secs and after first press the vinyl didn't stuck to the shirt. So this time I pre pressed and then pressed again but its still only partly adhered.

I managed to salvage this so I'm hoping 3rd time lucky, pressed again and cold release still not stuck particulary well and letters look distorted, so pressed this again without carrier sheet for another 10 seconds, and although its stuck the letters are very distorted.

As a bit of a test I decided to try some xpress promo flock I have, using this its come out perfect.

Any suggestions as to why the easy flex isn't working and what I could try to solve it, for info press is a Sprint, pressure set to medium, design is simple white lettering on breast pocket, and for all presses I used a teflon sheet.

thanks in advance

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