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Hi, this is a first post and I'm looking for a bit of guidance. I recently set up a Spreadshirt shop and upgraded to premium to have more control over the shop design.
Unfortunately, I seem to be experiencing tech problems already. The design I set up using their header and footer options worked for a couple of days but suddenly it went hooey. From what I can tell, extra content (multiple backslashes) are being added randomly to the html files so code, links, etc. don't work. It appears to be happening at their server level.
I'm not looking for a technical solution here (unless someone has had the identical problem) but what I'm wondering is what others have experienced working with Spreadshirt. I haven't been able to get much help from them.
1. Is their support as poor as what I've experienced? I called and was told the shopsite specialist was out until next Monday and that I should call back then. What if my store were established? I'd miss a weekend's sales at a minimum. Doesn't sound very customer service oriented to me.
2. How's the quality, how do their products compare with the other providers?
Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
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