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Problems with plastisol transfers

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Hi I am having problems with plastisol transfers cracking and rippling after first wash... is there anything I can do to prevent this or is this normal? The image appears to press well except for around the edges but when stretched like for a female shirt in the breast area the image cracks. My shirt I made for my husband pressed well but after washed the image can be scratched off like nothing. I followed the press instructions to the t but no success so far
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Aubri, are you using a home iron?
The ink just isn't cured. It's either that your press isn't hot enough or your not pressing for long enough. I press mine at 375F for about 40 seconds.
No I am using a heat press. I have tried pressing at 400 for 15 seconds and than for 30 seconds nothing seems to help the edges. My heat press presses regular HTV perfectly fine I've just had issues with these plastisol transfers. Also is the rippling after washing normal?
I just want to figure out what's going on because I love the designs I have but can't sale them and don't want to use them if they are just going to look old and cracked after I wash them once. And I know the customer feels the same.
I just did a bunch of shirts the other day and think the heat setting was 375 degrees for 5 seconds. Those were the correct settings for the kind of transfer I used. So for the brand I used, you've applied way too much heat.
how about washing instructions? I got them to apply nicely by lowering the heat setting but now am concerned about the rippling after washing. Do the plastisol decals require special wash instructions?
Wash inside out in cold water. Tumble dry low, inside out. Or hang dry.
Do the plastisol decals require special wash instructions?
Not really.

1. Make sure you pre-heat the garment for about 5 seconds before you apply the transfer.

2. Stretch the garment before apply the transfer.

What brand transfers are you using? Are they made for dark garments? The thicker ink required for dark garments will crack sooner or later, that's just a given.
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