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Problems with Laser 1 Opaque

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Just got round to trying my samples of the above, and already hit some problems. I'm using an older KM2200 Desk Laser (oil based, the advert stated paper can be used in either) set on Heavy Stock. Design prints fine, but after a while (matter of minutes here not days) the toner becomes flaky and rubs off the print.

Anyone got any ideas/suggestions/solutions please.

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The fuser is not hot enough. Try raising the temp If you have settings that is higher than what you are using. OKI printer has Ultra Heavy media weight and Card stock media type setting that I use if the toner does not fuse on the transfer paper.

Check your user manual for the highest setting that you can use so that the fuser will be hot enough for Laser 1. Also run 10 sheets of blank paper by printing a file that has a space character. That way you don't waste toner. It will preheat the fuser.
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