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problems with installing GX24 - HELP PLEASE

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i have just purchased a Roland GX24 (second-hand) but i am having problems installing it on my pc. pc is running Vista Basic 32bit. Ive downloaded updated driver from Roland website. Still cant get the roland and pc to communicate.
Anyone got any advice?
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I take it that you didn't get any documentation with it.
Did you get the install CD with it?

In the user manual it says, do not connect printer to PC before installing driver.
Otherwise you may have trouble.

What did you do when trying to install?

I installed mine using the CD that came with the printer, then I installed the updates for the software after I knew it was working.
If you haven't found it, here is the link to GX-24 page at Roland Support.

Has all the manuals etc if you didn't get them with your machine.

thanks steve
i got the installation cd and didnt connect Roland until after software installation.

i have tried installing everything from the installation cd - Roland and PC wouldnt communicate
Downloaded updated drivers from Roland website - Roland and PC wouldnt communicate
ive emailed Roland support team but not had a response yet.
i have un-installed everything and am going to try again.

Do you know if there are any compatibility issues with Rolands and Windows Vista??

Thanks again
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None that I know of. But I am checking a few other forums I am a member of to see what I can find.
But I am using mine on a XP PC and a Win7 (32bit) laptop
im gonna try it on my other pc with XP on to see if that makes a difference
thanks again
Just checking you have V1.07 Vista Driver?
This is the latest I can see.

if not --> http://dg4.roland.co.jp/cs/cutting/driver/rwd057107.exe
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thanks for that Steve - yes ive got the latest driver.
i'll see what happens on my other pc and let you know
thanks again
just thought id let you know ive got it working on my pc that is running XP
thanks for your help Steve - appreciate it
No problem.
If you get it working on the Vista machine let me know.
No problem.
If you get it working on the Vista machine let me know.
I ran into the same problem, cannot get the gx24 installed on my Vista 64bit system. I tied installing the new drivers from roland's website but the Windows new hardware wizard doesn't seem to find the driver for the cutter when I try to locate the file for the installation.

Any thoughts? I'm going insane trying to sort this out. I need the cutter to work for a big order.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you and have a happy 4th of July.

Hey Elmur,
I don't have a Vista machine.
But, from what I have seen in here and other forums, Vista is a problem child when it comes to the GX-24.

I did have to point the new hardware wizard to where I downloaded the new driver.

I just ran the .exe file and it just extracted all the drivers into a folder (of my choosing).
Then I just pointed the new hardware wizard to the folder and it installed OK.

Maybe remove all drivers and try re-install.
But remember not to have the printer connected when installing drivers.
Maybe remove all drivers and try re-install.
But remember not to have the printer connected when installing drivers.
Thanks for reply bungy.
How would I remove the drivers if I haven't been able to install the drivers in the first place? I tried locating the cutter on the device manage in case if it was installed but didn't see anything. Then I went ahead and used setup.exe app file found in VISTA driver folder found on GX24 installation CD and click on "un-install" option and chose GX24 from the dropdown menu and re-started the computer.
Did that uninstall the drivers if in fact they were installed in the first place? I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused.
No problem.
If you get it working on the Vista machine let me know.
hey bungy
i contacted Roland support about problems installing on Vista 32-bit and they sent me the link to update the Cut Studio software which i did and still doesnt work.
So have had to deal with it installed on my XP pc which isnt a major problem but it is the pc that wont connect to the internet.
ho hum.
thanks for your help and advice though
Finally I got it to work but I had to take a rather unique approach.

I installed VMWARE workstation, a virtual desktop application. Then I installed windows XP on the virtual desktop, which took me less than a normal Xp install time (30 minutes). Then I installed Cutstudio and GX24 drivers and voila :) I was cutting after half an hour.

I just wanted to share it with you guys. Especially if you guys have a Quad core computer with like 8Gigs of Ram you can actually assign however much hardware you want for the virtual pc and it will work just as good as a separate pc with same specs. I dedicated 1 processor out of 4 available ones, 1Gig of ram out of 8Gig available ram and only 40Gig of hard disk space. It's working like a champ :)

zxcvbvcxz, you can try that approach as well if you have the XP operation system disk of coarse. Here's the link to the virtual desktop application.
VMware Workstation: Run Multiple OS Including Linux & Windows7, on Virtual Machines

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