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Squirts said:
You are close ...you guys are dancing all around it but your close....

Your almost correct about it having nothing to latch onto but thats only if you flash past the gel stage if your actually curing the first print then the seond print will flake off quickly.....however if the first print is just gelled then the second applied over it the Plastic Molecules will still lock together during full curing.... Thats sounds like the most probable cause of the problem your having....
If not and you are not getting the first print to hot....then the most likely thing that will cause it to flake during washing is that final cure tempature wasnt reached.... Good Luck with it..... Chuck
This would be my guess too, good call Chuck!

As for the printing, when you print the first layer of white ink, you need to gel it, like Chuck said. This is around 200 degrees. Once it's gelled, the second layer can adhere to it properly. If you end up curing it (about 320 degrees depending on your ink), then you have created a "barrier" that the top coat won't adhere to properly.

With a double pass of white ink, you have a thicker deposit too, so simply getting it to 320 degrees may also not be enough to cure it because it has to reach 320 degrees underneath the ink. Some people will buy the heat strips and place one under the print to make sure they have the correct curing time. The strips are pretty expensive, but you can always cut them in 1/2 (lengthwise) or 1/3's or even 1/4's to make them last. I used to do it, now I use my Raynor gun until the right time is set for curing.
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