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problems with gildan

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Anyone else having troulbe with pre-treat taking color out of gildan shirts? we had some problems with light and carolina blue shirts losing color along the edges of where the heat press hits. first it was light blue then some royal and now ice grey. have tried less pretreat more time drying less pressure drying. i have run out of answers. it is completely random as well one shirt does it and the next does not. Thanks for any suggestions!!
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After the shirt is pressed spray it with water from a spray bottle and press again

We have this issue on the Gildan Heavy Cotton Navy colour using Brother pretreat. Now we just use Russell or another brand for those sizes. Gildan Premium and Soft Style Navy is fine. We have to buy Heavy Cotton occasionally as it has bigger size options than Premium and Soft Style.

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We've been having brother pre-treat stains on Alternative Apparel, Bella and Gildan tees. We've tried less pre-treat, washed a couple times, sprayed with water after treating, etc. Nothing seems to help.

Anyone have any other recommendations or workarounds for this??
Might be time on first couple of dries
Do only 10 seconds at a time for 3 times to let all moisture escape properly
Crystallization of pre treat can cause the discoloration around perimeter of flash zone
Plus wipe heat press with old shirt to remove brown residue that forms at initial drying press
The heat from the press will discolor the shirt (moisture escaping), but the pretreat is actually staining the shirt. Doesn't matter if I press the pretreated shirt, let is sit to dry, or hover to dry. I've pretreated and washed the shirts multiple times but the stain remains.

I use a parchment sheet or teflon so no ink or pretreat ever touches the heat press.
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What pre-treat are you using?
Hey all I have been using Keya shirts and they work wonderfully. ( I am not a Keya rep or anything) just thought i would share. Gildan is only good for lights or black color shirts- everything else a crap shoot right now
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I prefer Cotton Heritage enzyme washed tees. Then Anvils new 780, then Keya. Gildan is emergency use only. Many times a company will bleach a lighter shirt, due to defect, then re dye with a darker color. This can lead to unpredictable chemical interaction with the chemicals used in this process. Gildan also uses several locations in different countries which further leads to inconsistent results, any price break is rapidly offset by increased pretreatment utilization and repeat prints, do overs.
I'm using Brother's pre-treat. Spoke with a Brother representative yesterday. He said that the only reason why it would stain is due to too much pre-treat.

We use a viper pre-treat machine and have it dialed in to perfection. Even with the lowest setting, some colors still stain.
Yea - sometimes tho the manufacturers guide is not exact- your doing chemistry with unknown variables when it comes to pretreat- but as others have said. There are some other options. Wish ya the best- javi
I have the same issue, I have a huge stock of Gildan and as soon as they are gone, I won't buy them again. I have had it happen on purple shirts and all the blues except navy. I have had good experience with Hanes and Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton. But Gildan's stuff is not what it use to be at all.
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