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Problems with F&M EXpressions transfer

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I may be posting in the wrong area of the forum, but I am having trouble with heat transfers that I ordered from F&M Expressions.

They are the "FASHION FORMULA" transfers with two spot colors. When I press, the transfers either do not adhere to the fabric at all or the edges of the image are not sticking.

The parts of the image that does stick can be easily pulled up by hand.

I followed the instructions for application - temp at 350 degrees F, firm pressure for 7 seconds.

When I discovered the issue, I increased the pressure to hard, the temp to 375 degrees F for 15-20 seconds. The transfers still did not adhere.

I have checked my press - the temp is within 3 - 5 degrees of the temp reading, I have cleaned both the upper and lower platen, checked the for being level and flat. I have even check them with the dollar bill test.

Has anyone experienced the same problem or does anyone have a solution to this issue?

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What kind of garment are you pressing onto?....

Have you pre-heated your platen and pre-pressed long enough?.....

How are you checking the temperature?.....Non contact devices tend to be less accurate than a probe?....
I use lots of their transfers and have not had this problem. What fabric are you printing on? Have you called F&M?.
our company had been using them and had no problems at all until about 2 months after our product went out. We started getting calls that the designs were destroyed! After receiving a few items back from customers we were in a panic as we had sent out hundreds of shirts with F&M transfers. We called them and they said they would test and let us know what they found. Well that was over 4 months ago and no word from them and we have lost business and our reputation is at stake! Has anyone had the same problem? I fear we only know about the handful of customers that let us know and the rest will just never use us again. To me the fact they have a bad product and refuse to rectify it is inexcusable!
Never had any problems with these types. If you need a 2nd opinion feel free to pm me for my address and you can send me a tester and I'll let you know what I come up with. Usually f&m is pretty good at getting back to you. But I understand switching if you aren't comfortable with them. I consider them a cheap but usable supplier. When the customer wants the cheapest or it's promo shirts... then I use them. The biggest key is to not over press or over heat them IMO.
I use them all the time. Never had a problem. We use at 330 degrees, # 7 pressure for 7 seconds. Works every time. I suspect your heat press is set too hot. What are you trying to press? What fabric content?
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I forgot to mention, we prefer the athletic formula, usually a 4 color process with white ink so it goes on any color shirt.
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