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I started off about 3 years ago with silkscreening- I recently got a vacuum table and a heat press (to cure the Ink-I use speedball textile ink). Many customers wanted photographic images so I bought an Epson Printer and 50 sheets of transfer paper off of ebay.

I have had several problems with shirts cracking in the wash- here is the process:

Heat at 350 for 50 seconds
Let cool for 2 min

No heat- handwash setting on washer
Tumble dry
Inside out all of the time

Why do the transfers keep cracking? Is it just a bad batch (bad quality). Is cracking generally associated with transfers, or am I just doing something wrong?

If I can't get a good quality product I will not be selling the transfers- never had these problems with silkscreens. Help me out please!
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